What does having a cleft lip and palate mean?

A cleft lip or palate occurs when the tissue that makes up the upper lip or roof of the mouth does not join together completely during pregnancy. There can be a wide range in the severity of the cleft and it can affect the face, mouth and head in a variety of ways. A cleft can occur on one side of the mouth (unilateral) or both sides of the mouth (bilateral). A cleft can affect the way a person eats, drinks, smiles, kisses and speaks. Although clefts are usually repaired in the first year of life, many children need additional surgeries and treatments as they get older to improve their breathing, hearing, speech and language development, and appearance. These children can also require special dental or orthodontic care.

In the United States, about 7,000 infants are affected by cleft lip and/or palate per year. The causes of a cleft are usually unknown; however they can be the result of a genetic condition. Some clefts can be detected prenatally on ultrasound. If that is the case, prenatal counseling can be offerred to help prepare the family for a child with a cleft. Craniofacial surgeons, Dr. Isaac Wornom and Dr. Sharline Aboutanos, can help provide information and offer services in a multi-disciplinary team approach.

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